Sunday, January 23, 2022

Hello to the QARECAR blog


I've been trying to come up with ways to promote my qarecar free tax disc service, which doesn't cost money and I thought adding a blog might be a good idea.

I've been a fan of cars for as long as I can remember. I remember writing to BMW HQ in germany in the 80's as I was such a BMW fan boy and being genuinely excited when I peaked through the windows of Ford passed on the street and they had that joy stick balance control. So high tech!

I've probably owned north of 100 cars over the years. I've had anything from a clapped out Lancia Delta 1.3 to a Mercedes CL500, and Jaguar XJR. I currently own an 11 year old F01 730d time bomb and a Megane R26 F1 edition with 204,000 miles on it so my tastes are mixed.

Having spent 4 weeks working as a painter and decorator when I was 17 I decided a job sitting on my backside was for me so kind of fell into Software Development. I designed and built quite a lot of cool stuff over the years and always found it a very creative process. There's now a lot of set frameworks to design and building software projects these days, which has removed quite a lot of the chaos from building software we experienced in the 2000's. It's also removed some creative aspect with the developer just being a tool to implement someone else vision using their methodology.

I started to think about something fun I could build in my spare time. Since the tax disc died I always thought there an opportunity to fill that space on the windscreen with something else.  I had this idea as when seeing nice cars at car shows it would be good to find out a bit more about the car without the owner having to set up a laminated bill board. Most modern smart phones have QR code reading capability in their cameras now so I though combining the replica tax disc with a QR code would be a good solution for this. I also thought it would work quite well as a subtle car for sale advert with the QR code leading to the actual advert on ebay or facebook marketing

If I'm honest most people who's had discs from me so far I'm pretty sure are just using them as replica tax discs but that's okay. I think they'd work really well in a museum or at a car show, which will hopefully happen one day.

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